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We offer a full-service, hassle-free fundraising programs for your group. (What does this mean?):

  • WE DO THE WORK – AIM provides the muscle for the hard stuff and a professional fundraising assistant to guide you through the entire sale.
    Literally, All You Do Is Count The Profits!
  • Pre-Pack by Seller – our delivery team is AWESOME! This is our Signature Service! You don’t have to come up with volunteers to help unload, stack or organize anything on delivery day! Delivery day volunteers can be limited to 2 or 3 people.
  • FREE Selling Kits – stapled by seller with parent letters, colorful brochures, prize programs and collection envelopes. We can also group selling kits by teacher or any way you would like us to group them.
  • We warehouse all our products in Texas and we will bring extras on delivery, so there are NO missing or backordered items!!!
  • Excellent prizes for sellers – delivered on the same day as the products.
  • Your Fundraising Specialist (Assistant) is there in person from start to finish and will show you how to increase sales with special promotions, suped-up prizes and many innovative ideas.
  • We bend over backwards for customer service.
  • AIM provides promotional items such as posters, stickers and sample products for parent nights and much more.

We hope you call and give us a chance to present at your next board meeting. Our fundraising specialist will be glad to bring fresh-baked cookies and other goodies to your group. You can call us at 1-800-720-0260 or visit our fundraising specialist page to contact your fundraising specialist directly.

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